Born and raised in Calcutta, Tanvi earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Film from the Srishti School of Art and Design in Bangalore, India. She has won various awards for her audio-visual and photographic works. She has worked with a renowned wedding film company, The Wedding Filmer, and has also worked internationally with Los Angeles based production house, Veyra. She seeks to explore and tell stories about human dynamics, identity and gender through her personal art work.

Thesis Film

Set in modern day Bengal, the film is a portrait of a young couple who must navigate through their socio-economic struggles in order to make their first anniversary special.

Instagram: Tanvi13c 

Binimoy Teaser

A glimpse of my thesis film.

Inside Open Doors

A portrait of a slum community in Yelahanka, Bangalore, that has resided in this space for over sixty years. An insight into their idea of family, home and belonging.

Aditya and Keerthana’s wedding day